2018 marks the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the most powerful bird-protection law ever passed.  In honor of this milestone, nature-lovers around the world are joining forces to celebrate the “Year of the Bird” and commit to protecting birds today and for the next hundred years.

In this spirit, I hope that my bird-adorned pots will inspire you to look more deeply into the intertwined fate of birds and the rest of us relying of the health of the earth.  “If you take care of the birds, you take care of most of the environmental problems in the world.”—Thomas Lovejoy, Biologist and Grandfather of Biodiversity.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, National Geographic, Audubon, Bird Life, Further, and the Partnership for Nature and People have joined to name 2018 as Year of the Bird.  You can check out #birdyourworld.org for more details, or go to the websites of any of the above organizations for much more information.

As a child of birders and land conservationists, I encourage you to use my pottery to inspire you to think about and learn more about our natural environment, the unasked-for beauty of birdsong and biological diversity, and to help galvanize you to act in the ways you know are necessary to protect our planet and our future generations.

I am just a potter, but my pottery is inspired by gratitude for and amazement at the natural world’s beautiful variety.  I hope my work will inspire you, too.