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Hey, People,

This one’s the biggie.  This one’s the Bomb!  This show is the Show of Shows! (At least on the East Coast).  If you love fine craft and haven’t ever come to the ACC Baltimore show, now is the time to do it.  This show gathers the most talented fine craftspeople from the whole wide country and puts them into the basement of the Baltimore Convention Center and, through the magic of the craftspeople’s own imaginations, the place gets transformed into a dizzying display of what the human mind and hands can do with a wide array of materials.  If you want to come face to face with creativity, this show is it.  (And even if you don’t look at the work, look at the various booths–the way the artists present their work!  OMG!)  Now, think about it.  All of these makers (in the modern colloquial) just want to “make.”  But they also need to “sell” and “market” and “hustle” and “be business entrepreneurs.”  If you are interested in fine craft, come see the absolutely fab, diverse display of fine craft.  If you are interested in marketing, come see the absolutely creative ways these craftspeople have invented to market their work in a 10 foot by 10 foot booth.  If you are interested in trends, come see what’s emerging.  This is the biggest show, the most important show in our region.

Oh, and I’ll be in both 704, showing my new Sumi-e bird pieces, among others.  Please, please come find me among the 700+ other booths!

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