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You are cordially invited to attend an opening reception at Mud Dauber Pottery on Saturday, March 14th from 10-5 when I formally open my show of 38 fine art prints from my 2019 pen and watercolor project, Field Notes From a Lost Year.

In January of 2019, I started a sketch journal, with the intention of heightening awareness of the fragile natural beauty of my world in the face of climate change.   Each page from my sketchbook includes the longitude and latitude where the week’s flora or fauna was observed (most often Albemarle County, VA); common and Latin names; notes on properties such as invasive, native, poisonous, etc; and quotations from various sources about the week’s environmental or climate news.

My son will not let me part with the notebook of original pen and watercolor sketches, but I have partnered with Cara at Stubblefield to produce limited edition 11”x 14” fine art giclee prints on acid free bamboo paper.  Each print is signed and numbered.  Prints are available to order unframed at $75 each, or $130 framed.

See them on this website under Pottery Available Now. (I know, prints are not pottery).


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