I’ve recently made a series of bottles that take corks, for some reason.  Corking them off is satisfying, even if those who adopt (buy) them will only use them as vases.  They’ll work wonderfully as vases, but the cork implies that they might also work to hold something delicious and mysterious, like moonshine or homemade limoncello.  You decide.

This Corker is embellished with the impression of Japanese Hops leaves and vine.  Japanese hops are very invasive, and have velcro-like sticky vines that make it unpleasant to pull them from my gardens without gloves, and I’m always too impatient to go get my gloves for any gardening task.  Therefore, in the summer, my arms are always scraped up and my fingernails are a mess.  Think of all that when you use this bottle for you gorgeous flowers.  This piece is 5.75” tall without the cork and 4.75” in diameter.  $240.