So, yeah.  I made an incense holder.  I don’t normally burn incense because it irritates my overly sensitive nose and would drive my assistant, Brenda, out of the studio.  But, when I took a trip to India for my sister’s wedding reception for the Indian family of her Indian husband, I actually really appreciated the incense burning at the doorways of every single shop in the markets.  And I liked the way its sort of waxy, smoky, spicy smell infiltrated every cloth item in any room.  I figured, SOME people in America like incense.  So I made an incense holder.  I will make more if there is demand.  This one is sort-of high-end, I realize. But it IS unique.  We’ll see.  6.5″ tall (to the top of bird, not the top of the incense stick) by 3.5″ diameter.