Ok, People.  I have to level with you:  it is impossible to take a good picture of my lamps.  The shades always look bigger than they are; the bases show too much glare from the side lighting; if I have the light-bulb turned on, it throws off the color of the base AND the shade, but shows a little bit of how beautifully the shade glows.  So, here is an inadequate picture of a perfectly beautiful, bold, lovely lamp featuring one of my favorite native wild botanicals, Indian Cucumber.  This picture makes the shade look way too big–it is not, and it does not let you see how lovely the impression of the Indian Cucumber turned out.  But, trust me:  it’s a beautiful side-table lamp, or accent lamp.  And a small splash of red can often make a room sing.  The hexagonal mica shade in amber, with dried maidenhair fern, is made by Sue Johnson of Berkeley, CA–a master of mica-shade-making.  She and I worked together to make two shade-types to match my lamp bases–note the thin strip of red piping at the bottom of the shade!  Anyway, I wish I were a better photographer.  This lamp is 18″ from table-top to tip of finial/ 8″ to the top of the lamp base.  The shade is 17.5″ wide from corner to corner.  The lamp base is 9″ in diameter.    -S O L D-