Insect Icons is a series of nine acrylic paintings featuring undesirable (to humans) species of insects.  Each 8” x 8” canvas is first painted with shimmering layers of two metallic golds and a metallic bronze with brushstrokes adding to the gilded effect.  In the photographs, this ground looks much flatter than it does in person.  Framed in black to 10.25” square.  $250.

Spotted Lantern Fly.

The Spotted latern fly, lycorma delicatula, is native to China and was first detected in the US in 2014.  It poses a serious economic threat to multiple US industries, including viticulture, fruit trees, ornamentals and timber. (USDA National Invasive Species Information Center).

In Virginia, Spotted lanternfly threatens fruit crops like grapes, peaches, and hops.  It also threatens numerous tree species such as pine, walnut, maple, and oak.  However, its preferred host is another invasive species: tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima).  SLF was confirmed in Virginia in January 2018.  If you think you have found SLF, collect a specimen or take photos and notify Virginia Cooperative Extension. (