Insect Icons is a series of nine acrylic paintings featuring undesirable (to humans) species of insects.  Each 8” x 8” canvas is first painted with shimmering layers of two metallic golds and a metallic bronze with brushstrokes adding to the gilded effect.  In the photographs, this ground looks much flatter than it does in person.  Framed in black to 10.25” square.  $250.

Tiger Mosquito.

Aedes albopictus, known as the Asian tiger mosquito, native to the tropical and subtropical areas of Southeast Asia, is currently the most invasive mosquito in the world.  It is of medical importance due to its aggressive daytime human-biting behavior and ability to vector many viruses, including dengue, LaCrosse, and West Nile.  Invasions into new areas of its potential range are often initiated through the transportation of used tires.  (