It’s a Matter of Pearspective.  No, that’s not a spelling error; it’s a bad pun to go with a cool sculpture.  Three wheel-thrown, stoneware pears in graduated sizes rest on a chunky live-edge walnut shelf, just glowing in their peaceful celadon glaze.  What could be more soothingly hand-made, slightly strange, and mostly just, “La!” in this age of down-is-up and up-is-down?  If you think that one possible function of art is to soothe the soul with gentle silliness, then this might be the piece for you.  The shelf hangs from two points on your wall.  It is 18″ long, 9″ high at its highest point in back, and 7.5″ deep at the point it sticks farthest out from the wall.  The pears range in height from 5.5″ to 8.5″.