I’ll let Andrea Haffner speak for herself: “My work is inspired by the myriad of natural forms that exist all around us. I have been a collector of small things all my life, from my early years in New Mexico to the urban landscape of Washington, D.C., to Ojai, California where I currently live. From calla lilies to yucca capsules to Japanese maple samaras, I am always examining the diverse natural worlds around me and enjoy dissecting and reassembling these forms within small sterling silver or larger steel frames. With a background in both photography and glass, light has always been a primary consideration in my work. The medium of resin allows me to work with transparent dyes for the color element in my pieces, creating a glow from within. I have an abiding interest in small containers and the ways they can serve as both holders of precious things and deliberate points of focus. The containers I create, whether in photographic, sculptural, or jewelry form, can be their own small worlds, holding a caught moment, a meditation, or a subtle gesture.”  This pin measures 2.5″ by 1.5″.  Perfect on a lapel or to hold a scarf.  This is one of the last pieces I have of Andrea’s.  Please visit her website to see her exquisite work.