In 2020, Covid was just starting to spread in our country.  The last arts festival I participated in was the American Craft Council Baltimore show in late February.  All shows were cancelled after that for two full years.  From March to June 24 of 2020, I made a series of paintings featuring the beauty in nature that I saw around me juxtaposed with news of the growing pandemic, the Trump follies, and other distressing events like the killing of George Floyd.  Though these pieces might not appeal to everyone, they do chronicle the march of human history along with the march of the seasons.

I include the common and Latin names of the botanical or animal specimens pictured, the temperature on the day I witnessed each, as well as some miscellany about each specimen.

These are 11×14 giclee prints on acid-free bamboo paper in signed and numbered editions of 200.  Each is $50.  For a fee, I can erase the distressing news and include only the scientific identifications.  Call me if you‘re interested in such an option.

Wintergreen, coreopsis and trumpet vine are included in the June 12-23 print.