This gorgeous little jar was supposed to be part of a commission for a suite of light blue bathroom pieces, including a jar for Q-tips.  And this was my inspiration for that jar, except it turned out just shy of tall enough to hold Q-tips.  The Q-tips can stand in the very center of the jar with the lid on, but if they fall at all to the sides, the lid doesn’t fit very well.  Ahhh, the difficulties of calculating clay shrinkage….

So, now, this jar is NOT a Q-tip jar, but, say, a spice jar for your kitchen counter!  Or it could hold cotton balls.  Or you could make it into a Very Special Hand-Made Candle to give to Someone Very Special In Your Life (if you know how to make candles).  Or it could hold little treats for your parakeet.

The botanical is yarrow–isn’t it too cool for school?!  5″ tall by 2.75″ diameter.