Here’s a squat little mug for those of you who like to drink your coffee before it cools off, and who value the straight news.  A real bract of sumac gave its life for this mug, but the overall plant was very vigorous and unlikely to suffer fatal damage from my plucking this bit from its whole, though I do not know the internal feelings of plants, nor would I presume that my casual use of some of their parts is not unlike callous colonization of peoples, continents, the earth itself….  I’m sorry.  The truth sometimes hurts.  This is not the truth I was thinking of when I made this mug.  I was just thinking of the kind of lies we hear from our….  Oh, I don’t think I should get into that when I’m trying to sell art, do you?  In iron glaze/oxide/black: 3.5×4.5×2.25″  $68  Food safe, dishwasher safe, usually microwave safe, unless you have an unusually potent microwave.