Awwww.  While you snack on nuts, the big owl will be telling the little round fluff-ball-of-an-owl the ropes of what it’s like to be an owl in this big world.  You don’t have to listen, because you’re not an owl.  You can just eat your nuts and know that other parents are taking care of their particular kids in the ways their peculiar kids need to be taken care of.  Or whatever.  Are you drinking something other than coffee while you’re eating those nuts?  This is a smallish bowl.  You don’t need too many nuts, do you?  3.5″ to top of big owl’s head by 4.75″ diameter of bowl.

This one is sold.  I’m happy to make you one, just for you, in whatever color you like.  The owls, of course, will each have their own peculiar character.