My ”Weed Vase Series” was inspired by the beauty I find in the organic forms of plants that are commonly considered botanical pests of the garden, lawn and farm, and of plants that are genuinely poisonous.  Noxious plants, one way or another.  Unlike my usual forms, which combine elaborate geometric patterns of points made with a churchkey to contrast with the botanical impressions, I’ve stripped away every distraction.  I’ve chosen a very simple, smooth form—devoid of sharp interruptions at the shoulder or base, and devoid of changes of glaze color or treatment—to allow almost a wallpaper of the “noxious” plant’s form itself to take over.  When appropriate, if the plant flowers, I’ve added red berries, but kept them minimal.

Here, we have a large vase to highlight the angular beauty of Horse Nettle, part of the Nightshade family.  There’s not much to love here.  I had to deal with the prickly stems and leaves, as you can see from the puncture dots down the spine of the leaf imprints.  The berries of Horse Nettle are usually green, but I took the liberty of making them red.  Always, Nightshade berries dangle on small, inadequate, ungainly  branches.  And though Horse Nettle is poisonous to cattle and horses, it still has a lovely leaf pattern, especially if found outside of a pasture.

This large vase measures 10” tall by 7.5” in diameter.  Big enough to display your blooming dogwood branches. -SOLD-